SaluteMyJob helps you become a competitive candidate, connecting you to the job you want in the company where you will thrive. Our Veterans Employment Support Service will help you to translate your military knowledge, skills and experience into the language of commercial employers. We take pride in treating you as an individual, providing you with expert advice, guidance and support. Thanks to the funding we receive from the RAF Benevolent Fund, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity’s Greenwich Hospital Fund and Veterans Scotland, the one-to-one support we offer is free.

What Services Do We Offer?

Careers advice 

You will be assigned an expert employment advisor when you register who will be available whenever you need advice. They will help you explore your own skills, build up your confidence and also discuss your own career aspirations.

We offer online careers and CV workshops, where you will receive best practice advice and be given the chance to run through a few techniques to help with your job search and transition into commercial employment.  

CV advice and improvement

A CV that attracts the attention of employers is key. One of our employment advisors will help you create or review your CV in order to make sure you are a competitive candidate. And if you don’t already have a CV, we have an excellent CV template - this comes with tips on how to keep it high quality yet succinct.

"Never had a CV that has looked so good - thank you for your help, it's very much appreciated"

- Ashleigh, SaluteMyJob candidate January 2017

Translating your military skills  

We help translate the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained in your military career into the language of commercial employers. We also help you understand your own strengths and skills that you can offer an employer and how to present evidence of them from your military career.


"You always made me feel like an individual rather than a number"

- SaluteMyJob candidate, September 2016

Online Assessments

We use our unique Explore, Translate and Adapt© process to improve your competitiveness as an ex-military candidate. The online assessments SaluteMyJob offer will help you establish the level of your skills for a commercial role, gain practice in these tools and identify any skills gaps you may have.

Interview techniques           

Your employment advisor will go through some interview tips and techniques with you and also do some mock interviews. We will help you ask the right questions, avoid asking the wrong ones and, when you are offered a job, the art of negotiating your salary. If you are likely to face a structured video interview, we can also teach you how to make the most of them and, importantly, practice answering questions on camera.

Opportunities for work experience, work placements and training

We believe one of the best ways to improve your competitiveness for a role is to invest in up-skilling and further training. Therefore, in addition to the free training courses we run, we offer advice on training and insight days that are best suited to the job you seek.  

Wide range of jobs from Armed Forces friendly employers

SaluteMyJob works with employers to help them understand how veterans can positively impact on their business. Therefore, our wide range of jobs are specifically designed for ex-military jobseekers and have come from employers who understand the military soft skills and the need for you in their business.

And finally, we are always here once you've got a job, you are welcome to come back to us anytime. We’d love to hear from you. All in all, we are here to help you become a competitive candidate and win the fight for a job in civvy street!