SaluteMyJob’s ex military recruitment service offers tailored support to employers, helping to ensure a sustainable supply of suitably qualified ex-Service men and women into the roles and organisations in which they will succeed. Our proven high tech, high touch model provides employers with a managed recruitment service that offers scale, cost-effectiveness and a personal touch.

Advertising Plus

A cost-effective, entry level service offering:

  • Searches of our database and those of our partners to identify suitable candidates.
  • Advertisement of jobs directly to former military jobseekers.
  • Unparalleled access to the ex-military community through our partnerships with commercial companies, Service charities and Associations.
  • Promotion of jobs to both those transitioning out of the Armed Forces (through the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership) and those having acquired commercial experience since leaving the Services.


In addition to advertising, our service offers:

  • Tailored support to employers’ structured Veterans’ programmes.
  • Search, filtering and selection to present a shortlist of qualified ex-military candidates.
  • Integration with employers‘ in-house recruitment resourcing teams.
  • Where appropriate, support to employers’ contracted RPO providers.
  • A cost-effective and scalable service, powered by IBM’s BrassRing Applicant Tracking System and a range of online assessments.



For employers who require a more reactive solution, we offer:

  • A search led service, incorporating advertising, search and filtering/ selection.
  • Widest possible access to ex-military candidates through a variety of partner organisations.
  • A sense of urgency to react quickly to priority requirements.
  • Access to a range of online assessments to filter and pre-select candidates to present a shortlist of candidates to employers.

SaluteMyJob’s Veterans’ Recruitment Service, developed over 10 years by our sister organisation in the US, Corporate America Supports You (CASY) is well proven. It is also unique in its:

Our proven technology solution enables employers to source ex-military people in volume – we support either in-house or outsourced operations. Our use of online assessments and professional recruiters ensures that, even at scale, we can best match candidate to role and organisation. 

SaluteMyJob provides services that employers can purchase on terms best suited to their needs. Our commercial proposition is built on either a licence or fixed price basis, calculated on the number of an employers' planned hires. We also offer a fee based service for employers with more ad hoc requirements or who prefer an agency solution.

SaluteMyJob takes pride in its ability to provide applicants across the range of roles sought by employers. Rather than focus on easy to place executive or specialist roles, SaluteMyJob helps employers source people from across the ex-military community - skilled and unskilled, officer or soldier, regular or reservist.