Why the Cyber Security Industry Needs Military Skills More than Ever

In an article in Pathfinder magazine's October edition, the publication discusses why the cyber security industry needs military skills more than ever. The article focusses on how best to solve the huge shortage of people with cyber-experience and qualifications and looks at former military personnel to combat this growing problem. We hear from Stuart Quick, ex-Army, now a managing consultant at IBM, who firmly believes military personnel have relevant skills, training and experience, to help bridge this gap - something we at SaluteMyJob strongly agree with.

At SaluteMyJob, we believe there is a net gain to employers if more is done to connect up veterans with roles where their military skills can be appreciated - and cyber security is one of many roles where we believe ex-military jobseekers would be a great asset. The article also highlights SaluteMyJob and IBM’s i2 course, which trains and certifies ex-military jobseekers as data analysts, as a great training course for veterans wishing to strengthen their cyber security skills, which we hope could be one of the significant steps towards tackling the skills shortage within this growing sector.

To read the article in full, go to http://bit.ly/2ebHGAS.

And to read about our recent success in our October i2 course, visit http://bit.ly/2e4dTOP.