Whitecar, founded by an ex-territorial soldier with the HAC, aims to make the car rental service more fun.

The founder and CEO, Mark Strachan spoke to SaluteMyJob about his vision for the future of Whitecar, the importance of employing ex-Service men and women and his belief they can contribute more to the wider economy.


“The vision for the company is to offer 100% emission free cars to customers which are fun to drive,” said Mark.  

As well as focusing on making car rental more fun, Mark believes the booking process is just as important.

“Too often it takes too long to get from the airport to the car – Whitecar brings the car to the customer so people can arrive and drive,” he added.

And starting in August, the rental service will be even more flawless - with Whitecar set to offer a service powered by an app, which will allow seamless booking and payment.

Mark, an entrepreneur and charity CEO, continued: “It has taken a year to get to this stage.

“Whitecar aims to disrupt the way traditional car rental is done. Companies such as Hertz offer too many cars with a complicated booking process which often ends up costing more than expected.
“We offer one car (Tesla), one colour (white) at one fixed cost £149 a day - every day.”

As a former TA soldier, Mark believes it is important that employers give former Service men and women confidence to believe they can achieve in commercial employment once they leave the Forces.

Mark said he would be very happy to sign up to the corporate covenant -  a pledge that companies and organisations make to show their support to members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families.

“As an ex-territorial soldier myself with the HAC, I value what the Armed Forces can bring to us all individually as well as protecting us in times of need,” he said.

Mark believes as a customer facing company, the skills many Armed Forces personnel have gained throughout their careers – would translate well within Whitecar.

He said staff at Whitecar need to be polite, positive, punctual, well-presented and organised.

“All of which are attributes one associates with the Services,” Mark added.

He believes that within Whitecar, the roles ex-military would be best suited for would be “operational roles”.

Mark believes that Whitecar and other employers can do a lot to help former Service men and women transition into commercial employment – and a lot of this has to do with support and building confidence.

“Employers can give them confidence that they can achieve in civvy street,” said Mark.  

For Mark, he believes it is important to give job opportunities to ex-Service men and women.

“Because they can contribute so much to the wider economy,” he told SaluteMyJob.

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