We talk to BBC Wiltshire's World of Tech

BBC Wiltshire’s Tech expert Will Guyatt looks at the part Wiltshire plays in the world of technology.

SaluteMyJob Managing Director Andrew Jackson talked this week to BBC Wiltshire’s Will Guyatt for their Wiltshire’s World of Tech feature.

How difficult is it for skilled military veterans to find work when they leave?

It varies enormously. Some veterans have skills that are relevant to the private sector and can transition very easily. Those that don’t can find it significantly more difficult.That’s what we’re trying to do; help Service Leavers on their journey into employment when they leave, and particularly to match the demand employers have for good skilled, quality people with suitably qualified members of the Armed Forces.

Is this completely aimed at those that have decided to leave for themselves?

The majority of the people we work with have been out for some time. Often they will leave the Armed Forces and go into security companies and go back to Iraq or Afghanistan. They then get stuck when on their CV’s they’ve got their service history, then a stint in private security. HR teams take one look and and say, this guy isn’t for us. So those guys need help to gain relevant skills and qualifications.

That’s interesting the cyber security aspect of this.

There’s an insatiable demand for good people. There’s a skills shortage and there’s a lot of data about the growth of the skills shortage in information security. And the reason I prefer to call it that is it’s an easier to sell to the ex-military community to say you’ve spent a number of years in the Armed Forces.  By definition you’ve been trained and have experience in the world of security. It’s therefore relatively to retrain and transfer that skill into the world of information security. Everyone thinks that cyber is a deeply technical subject, and of course some of it is, but there are other jobs around that are deeply suited to the ex-military community.

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