Veterans' job scheme: Australian PM urges businesses to hire more ex-military personnel

“They have wonderful skills. They learn wonderful things while they’re serving our country and those skills are readily deployable to the civilian workforce.”
Malcolm Turnbull military

THE Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has announced the government will establish an advisory committee of corporations that will help industry develop strategies to recruit and retain veterans in employment.

Participating businesses will be given the title “Veteran Employment Ambassador” and the government will give awards to businesses of all sizes that employ veterans, reports The Guardian.

Launching the initiative Turnbull spoke about the skills of ex-servicemen and women including use of state-of-the art technology, logistics, resilience, loyalty and courage.

Turnbull said: “What we are doing today is making sure that business in Australia and the public sector ... understand [their] skills ... so when they transition away from defence life to civilian life, those employers recognise those skills and will seek to employ our retiring defence personnel.”

It is great to see the Australian PM publically recognise the transferable skills military personnel have to offer - and the importance of educating businesses about this vast skill-set so in the future, there will be more employment opportunities for military personnel when they begin to look for civilian employment.

At SaluteMyJob, we see this as the biggest challenge facing veterans and employers - in a recent report by Deloitte, on recognising the potential of ex-service personnel, Managing Director of SaluteMyJob, Andrew Jackson said translating military skills into the language of a commercial employer is “the single biggest barrier” both veterans and employers face. And similarly in a recent report by the Royal British Legion, the charity highlighted there was a real net gain to all involved if more is done to connect up veterans with roles where their skills can be appreciated and rewarded. So businesses fully understanding the skills military personnel possess is key to creating more job opportunities for veterans in the future.  

So although SaluteMyJob and a range of other agencies, Armed Forces charities, the Government and employers across the UK understand and champion the valuable skills veterans have in abundance - we are all aware that more needs to be done. It is encouraging to see the Australian PM publically stand up and launch this initiative - and express his own belief in his country's veterans - and it will be interesting to see whether the UK’s Prime Minister or other countries follow suit.