Veteran Recruitment Programme: Jaguar Land Rover

“It is our mission to see the number of people recruited into our business from the military increase significantly in the coming years."
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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has a long history of supporting the British Military. In particular, they are committed to helping ex-armed forces personnel reintegrate into successful civilian careers. The multinational automotive company recently announced it is to provide new opportunities for ex-military personnel who served in the British Armed Forces, announcing plans to employ 1,000 new staff by 2020. JLR currently employs 25,000 people in the UK - 200 of those are ex-servicemen.

At the time of the announcement, a JLR spokesman told The Mirror: "It is fitting that this announcement comes ahead of the Invictus Games, an inspirational event that demonstrates the resilience and dedication of those in the Armed Forces. I am immeasurably proud that through our company, and the Jaguar Land Rover Learning Academy, we have been able to give hundreds of ex-service personnel the opportunity to rebuild their lives and careers.

"As the UK's largest automotive manufacturer and a growing global business, we have an obligation to advance the skills and capability of the industry, and in doing so, provide opportunities for passionate people to unleash their full potential. That is why we are making it our mission to see the number of people recruited into our business from the military increase significantly in the coming years."

"we admire so many of their attributes and skills" 

JRL has signed the British Armed Forces Military Covenant and, as official partners of the inaugural Invictus Games, are encouraging other organisations to do the same. Jaguar Land Rover's ex-military traineeship programme is part of a series of ongoing programmes developed as its legacy from winning the UK’s ‘Responsible Business of the Year’ in 2013.

On Jaguar Land Rover’s website, they state the main reasons they employ ex-Service men and women.

“One reason we feel such a connection with current and ex-Service personnel is that we admire so many of their attributes and skills. Discipline. Precision. Pride. Determination. The ability to stay calm under intense pressure. All these qualities, which are essential in the military, are also highly sought-after within our manufacturing facilities.

“Another reason is our culture. The team is a big part of life here, just as it is in the Armed Forces. Everyone is expected to look out for each other and we all work together to get the job done.”

JLR works closely with the Career Transition Partnership (the MoD's official provider of Armed Forces Resettlement) to enable people who are leaving the forces successfully reintegrate into the world of work.

Case Study

Former military personnel, Michael Connolly, 19, took part in one of JLR’s new training course - ‘Inspiring Tomorrow’s Workforce: Military Programme’ - and secured himself a job within their manufacturing facilities.

He said: “I spent three years as a Private in the Infantry and left as my contract had finished. All I have know is the Infantry and it’s daunting to know how to find another career in the civilian world. The course has given me a great insight into manufacturing careers and, thanks to the support of employees and training staff, I know have the skills and experience I need to work in the industry. I am really excited that I have secured a job with Jaguar Land Rover and I hope this will be the start of a new and fulfilling second career which will allow me to work up the career ladder.”  

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