Topic of the month: Cyber


This month SaluteMyJob are revolving the blog around the cyber industry. So what's coming up?

Military Skills Translation

We look at the skills and qualifications of ex-military cyber specialists and how their skills and experience can add value to an organisation.


An Employer's Perspective

We chat to Chris Cope who works as an Information Security Consultant at Advent IM, a Physical and Cyber/Information Security Consultancy. We find out about how he has left the RAF and excelled in the Cyber industry and he offers valuable advice to ex-military personnel and reservists looking to work in the cyber industry. 

We also chat to ex-Army Officer Simon Harris, co-founder of Cysec Resource Co, an executive search, cyber information and security recruitment business. Simon offers a valuable insight into the key skills he believes veterans and reservists can bring to the industry and offers advice to employers looking to hire veterans.


Veteran Talent Snapshot

We chat to one of SaluteMyJob's previous candidates who has successfully transitioned out of the Army and into a role with Jaguar Land Rover as an IT Portfolio Manager.


Top Tips

And finally, we have produced a ‘How to excel in Cyber Top Tips guide’ full of advice for ex-military people looking to transition into the cyber industry.


This is all coming up in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on our blog and social media for more info!