The SME's Perspective on Employing Veterans

To find out more about SME's who are actively employing veterans, SaluteMyJob has interviewed Chesterfield Cylinders, DOGFI.SH Mobile and Waves, who all offer their own unique insight into employing veterans. We find out about the benefits to their businesses and their top tips to SME's looking to hire ex-military personal.



In this case study, we chat to Simon Cole, Operations Director of Enterprise mobility specialists DOGFI.SH Mobile. Simon reports a number of challenges in actively trying to engage with and recruit veterans - but also offers an insight into the benefits of employing veterans, offering his own top tips to other SME's.



Chesterfield Cylinders is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high pressure gas containment systems. In this case study, we get an insight into employing veterans and the reasons why all businesses should take advantage of the huge veteran talent pool, from Managing Director Mick Pinder. We also chat to an ex-military employee who offers his own insight into transitioning into commercial employment and the valuable, transferable skills that helped him secure a job - and quick promotion.


Waves is a Learning and Organisational Development Company, providing consultancy to the military and commercial sectors, in the UK and Middle East, founded by Lou Whiting, a former Army Officer. SaluteMyJob chats to the director and owner about setting up your own business post-transition, the benefits of employing from the military community, the transferable soft and hard skills of ex-military personnel and she offers some top tips for SME’s looking to employ veterans.

Want to find out more about employing veterans? Download the full Capitalising on military talent: Everything you need to know about employing veterans here.




Thumbnail Image Source: Defence Imagery