The Armed Forces Covenant – The Corporate Covenant in Action

When: 27 October 2016, 17:30
Where: RUSI Whitehall

This month, a reception and research presentation will take place on the Armed Forces Covenant. Over the past 12 months, RUSI has undertaken extensive research into the effects and purposes of the agreement. RUSI has engaged with a hundred commercial organisations who have signed a Covenant pledge and interacted with military beneficiaries and their families.  

RUSI has promised the event and their research will show whether signing the pledge is simply “a badge of honour, a tickbox exercise or a real catalyst for policy and culture change within an organisation”. SaluteMyJob helps employers implement structured veterans or Armed Forces programmes and supports ex-military people into employment. It is encouraging that over 900 employers have pledged to support veterans and their spouses into employment. However, every day we see former Service men and women - and their partners - struggling to find employment, which indicates a problem. So we will be interested to see if this research shows the Armed Forces Covenant is a real catalyst for change or just a badge of honour.

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