Success for company harnessing the skills of ex-military personnel


THE winners of the Guardian Public Service Awards 2016 have been announced, with Transport for London (TfL) picking up the recruitment award after being recognised for their “smart sourcing scheme that harnesses the skills of ex-forces men and women to help them into new careers”.

Through TfL’s Smart Sourcing initiative, 27 ex-military personnel have joined the organisation. The initiative is a recruitment programme set up to encourage what the company identified as a potential untapped workforce. The six-month placements give former Service personnel invaluable experience if they have never set foot in a civilian workplace. They are encouraged to identify their transferable skills under the programme and are also given support completing CVs and developing interview skills to help them feel confident enough to apply for permanent roles, reports The Guardian.

Charlotte Johns, TfL’s head of recruitment says: “The ex-military have the sort of skills we need for roles we struggle to fill – bomb disposal experts, for example, have the same skills set as as electrical engineers. They bring teamwork and leadership skills, resilience and the ability to work under pressure. This isn’t tokenism – we are hiring the right people for the right job.”

It is fantastic to hear about a business being recognised publicly for an initiative that not only leads to the employment of veterans - but also offers vital additional support to ex-military jobseekers - such as CV tips, interview and commercial experience. We believe that training and experience of the civilian workplace are all essential precursors to employment, which TfL is actively doing through its recruitment programme - with great success.

At SaluteMyJob, we work with veterans on how best to translate acquired military skills and experience into the language of commercial employers, so it is great to see a business encouraging exactly the same. This is obviously a company who values the range of hard and soft skills and experience veterans can bring to the workplace. We are the only provider of advice to employers on the planning and implementation of veteran recruitment programmes, so for us, hearing about a company who is actively - and successfully supporting veterans into employment through such a recruitment programme is great news. We hope that other businesses are inspired by TfL’s veteran programme and follow suit.

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