Recruit ex-military personnel in order to future-proof UK manufacturing

Sappers from 21 Engineer Regiment building a bridge in Afghanistan. CREDIT:

Sappers from 21 Engineer Regiment building a bridge in Afghanistan.

A leading manufacturing company has said that by tapping into the unique skills-bank of former Service men and women when recruiting fresh talent, industry leaders can help future-proof UK manufacturing.  

Martyn Ingram, the Group Managing Director of Morgan Marine’s parent company, Morgan GRP, told Business News Wales ex-military personnel have long been assets to his company and not just for their technical training and their exemplary work ethic, but also for their unique mind-set which, over the years, has fed into refining important business processes at the firm.

He said: “We are a leading engineering and manufacturing company, so the obvious transferrable skills are there as far as our recruits who have a REME background or a Royal Navy background, for example. But there are other invaluable attributes too, which we routinely find in ex-servicemen and women, and which are particularly vital in the manufacturing arena. The willingness to pitch in and to ‘get things done’, the attention to detail and to process, the ability to keep disciplined records, the ease with which former service men and women are able to work as a team – these are all ingrained into service men and women.

"I feel strongly that hiring veterans, with the invaluable skills they bring to the table is an effective way of future-proofing UK manufacturing." 

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