National Reserves Day: Why should you hire a reservist?

©UK MOD Crown Copyright 2017

©UK MOD Crown Copyright 2017

Today is National Reserves Day, an opportunity to come together as a nation and celebrate the contributions reservists make to our country.

Formerly known as ‘Uniform to Work Day’, Reserves Day provides an opportunity for the whole of the UK to celebrate our Reserve Forces and for Reservists to show pride in their Service. 

In an article from City A.M., Emily Griffiths, an engineering account manager at professional recruitment company Experis, and a reservist in the 39th Signal Regiment, highlights why the business world needs to engage more openly with reservists and ex-service men and women to recognise the potential value that these employees could bring to their organisation.

Why should you hire a reservist?

Emma explains why businesses should do more to engage with the reserves:

  • They will reap the benefits of an employee with a huge variety of transferable skills, who can learn from their experiences and apply themselves better to their day job.
  • I attribute much of my success in my full-time job at Experis to the skills I’ve learned in my second job as a reservist. While they may seem worlds apart, and perhaps the business environment is less dramatic, the same work ethic applies. My plans must be consistent and my teaching must be effective, because if I am incapacitated for any reason, someone else must be able to pick up exactly where I left off – whether that’s on the battlefield or the day before an important client meeting. The method is the same, even if the application is slightly different.
  • On an even more practical level, my responsibilities as an officer, such as briefing troops and delivering training, have given me the confidence to speak authoritatively to clients and develop my own style of leadership as an account manager. Equally, I have had presenting and teaching opportunities in the reserves far beyond what someone of my level would be exposed to in this role.
  • Regardless of whether that individual is a commissioned officer, in the soldier ranks, an ex-serviceman or a reservist, the army instils the values of good people management, punctuality, a desire to learn, and the ability to take criticism and strive to better yourself.

And what do other employers have to say?

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