Meet SaluteMyJob's military veteran, spouse and reservist employees

SaluteMyJob delves into the military side of our employees - we hear from our spouse, reservist and veteran employees, they talk about why working for SaluteMyJob appealed to them and how the company supports them.

Captain (Retired) Laura Brooke-Smith

SaluteMyJob Recruitment Consultant, military spouse and veteran

Laura competing at the Honourable Artillery Company International Uniformed Services Showjumping Competition.

Laura competing at the Honourable Artillery Company International Uniformed Services Showjumping Competition.

Having left the Army with 10 years' service in the Adjutant General's Corps, and a CIPD qualification under my belt, I felt that I was fairly employable. I found it remarkably challenging to find an organisation that recognised my skills and experience, until I met Andrew Jackson. From day 1, SaluteMyJob has worked with me to utilise, and build on my skill set. Working for SaluteMyJob has enabled me to realise my passion in career guidance and is even supporting me in gaining a formal qualification in the subject.

As a military spouse, it can be tricky finding sustainable employment. Working for SaluteMyJob means that I can keep my job where ever my family are posted, thus enabling me to grow in my career.

The reason I chose to work for SaluteMyJob is two fold. Firstly, because I believe in the cause; I feel passionate about supporting transitioning and former service personnel into sustainable employment. Having been a service leaver myself, I know how challenging it is to find the right career path. It is a very vulnerable time for people. Secondly, working for SaluteMyJob fits perfectly with being a military spouse.


Capt (Retired) Shaun Cauvin

Client Relationship Manager For Scotland and military veteran

Shaun (left) during Remembrance Day.

Shaun (left) during Remembrance Day.

Since I started working with SaluteMyJob, I have been keen to join the Reserve Forces, something that SMJ actively encourages and supports.  I also enjoy the fact that working at SaluteMyJob is very similar to when I was in the Armed Forces, the camaraderie and support that all members of the team offer, despite being in a different city has been fantastic.

I believe 100% in the Social Enterprise aspect of the work SaluteMyJob does, the staff at SaluteMyJob all come from different parts of the Armed Forces family and they have all contributed to the learning and development that I feel has been constant since I started work. As the SaluteMyJob brand becomes better recognised, I feel a sense of pride in the services we offer the Armed Forces Community. In Scotland, we have been able to bring together a large number of Veterans organisations that share the same desire to improve the opportunities for Service leavers and their families!


Becci Parriss

SaluteMyJob Recruitment Consultant and military spouse

Becci taking part in one of her charity challenges.

Becci taking part in one of her charity challenges.

SaluteMyJob have been so supportive to me as a military spouse, allowing me to work from home with flexible hours means that I can continue to have a career despite having a two year old daughter and moving from Arbroath to Exeter. Working alongside and for colleagues with strong military connections means that they go above and beyond to accommodate the barriers being the wife of a Royal Marine inevitably throws up.

I was really attracted to the role with SaluteMyJob as they go above and beyond what any commercial recruiter would do for a candidate. Rather than seeing candidates purely as moneymakers (and thus providing minimal support to those who are not easy to place) with SaluteMyJob I am free to provide a full package of support to all candidates, regardless of where in their transition they are. Joining SaluteMyJob felt like a natural progression in my recruitment career as I am very passionate about helping   military veterans as best I can.


Faye Copp

SaluteMyJob Content Writer and military spouse

Faye taking part in the yomp.

Faye taking part in the yomp.

As a military spouse, I have experienced in past some of the barriers that can arise when trying to juggle full time employment and the constant changing and unpredictable plans my husband’s job as a Royal Marine brings. But working at SaluteMyJob they are incredibly supportive. Being one of four military spouses and working alongside others with a military career behind them - SaluteMyJob is not only incredibly supportive - they are understanding and accommodating, allowing me to work from home change my hours when needed, book last minute holidays when plans change. Most importantly they understand what ‘military life’ is like.

The role at SaluteMyJob appealed to me, not just because the job matched my skills-set and it fits in with my personal situation, but because of the values, culture and ethos of the company and the support they not only give veterans - but the military community as a whole.


Lt Col Jon Penhale

SaluteMyJob Client Relationship Manager and veteran and reservist

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.27.22.png

As a serving reservist, SaluteMyJob understands the need to balance the needs of Army Reserves service with my Client Relationship Management role and my family commitments. They are a very supportive employer and their proactive, flexible approach ensures I am able to continue to serve in the Army Reserves.

I chose to work with SaluteMyJob because they understands my knowledge and military experience, meaning I am well placed to make a difference to the organisation, its customers and candidates. SaluteMyJob's approach and supportive attitude towards members of the team who choose to serve in the Army Reserves helped it stand out from the crowd.


Brig (Ret’d) Andrew Jackson

Managing Director at SaluteMyJob and military veteran

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.27.44.png

I have been part of the military community all my life, as a dependant, soldier and veteran. I see values, skills and life experience in members of this community that make them assets to business and society. In order to help sailors, soldier and airmen transition successfully into commercial roles, military spouses and veterans understand the context and language of candidates, which does so much to help others understand the skills they possess for commercial employment and present them convincingly to employers.

I am particularly keen to foster collaboration between others interested in supporting veterans and reservist employment, especially between the Service charities. To this end, I chair the Opportunities Sharing WG, one of the lines of development of the Wounded, Injured and Sick Employment Working Group, chaired by the Chief Executive of the Poppy Factory. This is important work to capture the range of opportunities offered to charities by employers and to share them as widely as possible amongst the military community.