How to market your jobs to the ex-military community

Once you’ve made the decision to hire from the ex-military community how do you find candidates? In this post we’ll give you some tips about how to reach out to the military community.

The military community is a strong network

Military service is a way of life. Service men and women are encouraged to support one another, both on military operations and day to day life ‘in barracks’. This results in a strong network of colleagues and families with shared similar experiences, which is sustained after leaving the Armed Forces, often for life. The military community is a vital support network to serving personnel, families and veterans and this community is a great resource to businesses looking to implement an Armed Forces friendly recruitment programme.

Several opportunities to market jobs to veterans

There are a number of ways employers can engage with and market opportunities to the military community. For military people with little knowledge and experience of commerce or other parts of the public sector, first hand contact with employers (especially HR staff) at careers fairs, conferences or through webinars helps educate jobseekers with employers’ requirements and processes. So what actions can you as an employer take to successfully market opportunities to the military community?

Tip 1 - Reach out to service charities, support agencies & military associations

Nationally there are a number of experienced organisations who can help you to identify military candidates at no expense to your business. SaluteMyJob partners with many of these to help businesses communicate through this network.

Tip 2 - Attend military job fairs

Attend events and job fairs organised by the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), BFRS and SaluteMyJob to interact with military jobseekers and promote your company as a veteran friendly employer.

Tip 3- Network with other businesses engaged with employing veterans

It is important to engage with other employers who have an established veteran recruitment programme or other businesses actively engaged in supporting veterans into employment. Keep an eye out for local military networking events or things like the Liquid List

Tip 4 - Host insight days, provide apprenticeships or work placement opportunities

Providing not just employment opportunities but other support, such as work placement programmes and apprenticeships, will benefit you as a business and show the military community you are a veteran friendly organisation.

Tip 5 - Host webinars to help educate ex-military jobseekers and participate in mentoring schemes

Similar to online job fairs, engaging with the military community through webinars is a cost effective way of reaching a potentially large audience and offering a mentoring service is a great way of providing one-two-one support. The Officers Association and SaluteMyJob often run these types of event.

A free toolkit to help develop your Armed Forces recruitment strategy

If you’re looking to hire ex-military personnel then our free toolkit, Capitalising on military talent: How to develop an Armed Forces friendly recruitment practice, offers a range of practical suggestions to help you attract, recruit and retain ex-military talent.