IBM's i2 Analyst Training Course

Hartham Park, Corsham

IBM, The Corsham Institute and SaluteMyJob are jointly sponsoring an i2 Analyst Training course, to be held at Hartham Park, Corsham, three times a year.

I2 is a data analysis and intelligence tool which is widely used by Police forces, retail companies and banks. IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook is a visual intelligence analysis environment that can optimise the value of massive amounts of information collected by government agencies and businesses. It allows analysts to quickly collate, analyse and visualise data from disparate sources while reducing the time required to discover key information in complex data. IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook delivers timely, actionable intelligence to help identify, predict, prevent and disrupt criminal, terrorist and fraudulent activities.

We look forward to the event at the end of the month and wish all of the students best of luck on the course!

Click here for more information on the Free IBM i2 Analyst Training Course

Our 12 Successful i2 Analyst Students from our March Course