Handy Heroes Construction

Handy Heroes Construction is a reputable London based construction company run by ex-military tradesmen. They pride themselves on delivering a quality service based around military values and work ethics. Matthew Hammond, Director of Handy Heroes speaks to SaluteMyJob about the values, skills and behaviours of their veteran employees and the variety of roles that they fit into within the business.

1.    What are your thoughts on signing the corporate covenant? (a pledge that companies and organisations make to show their support to members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families) - Is this something that you would consider doing?

Yes we’d love to sign the armed forces covenant – we actively look to support ex-military personnel so this would be easy for us to sign up to.


2.    What values, skills and behaviours do you think former Service men and women bring to your workforce?

For us its getting the basics right, punctuality, honesty and integrity, elements which don’t tend to be commonplace in todays world.


3.    Within your company, what roles do you find ex military people are best suited to?

We are a construction company and have ex-military personnel fulfilling entry level roles such as labouring through to our best skilled tradesman and project managers.


4.    What would make it easier for you to employ ex-military talent?

We have struggled to advertise our opportunities to service leavers due to the CTP not engaging with smaller businesses.  From experience when leaving the military its hard so establish where your skills can be best utilised – more work during transition/resettlement can be done here.


5. What can employers best do to help former service men and women transition into commercial employment?

The corporate world is far different from the military life so work experience is key – any opportunity to see life on the other side is invaluable.

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