Life as a Reservist: Two Jobs One Stone

Juggling military life as a reservist with a demanding civilian career may sound incredibly challenging. But most reservists would beg to differ, citing their Armed Forces experience as a primary factor in their success. It can be a way of pursuing two fulfilling careers - combining crucial skills and experience to become incredibly successful in both vocations.

David Stinton is doing just that. He is a sapper in the Royal Engineers, also making his mark with global engineering company AECOM. David has always wanted to work in the rail sector after he began studying for a degree in civil engineering - but he also had a huge interest in the military - and he has been able to make both those ambitions a reality. Stinton clearly recognises the vital interchangeable skills he is able to bring to both careers - mixing his engineering skills between AECOM and the Army, as well as bringing the skills and experiences he has gained as a reservist, such as leadership and communication skills, to his civilian role.

David is a great example of how transferable military skills can add value to an organisation, something SaluteMyJob recognises and showcases to employers. It is great to see companies across the UK like AECOM who are willing to support reservists in every step of their careers - both within their own company, and in the military. His story shows how balancing military life with a demanding career may be challenging yet beneficial to individuals and their commercial employers.

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