Ex-military reskilling to become data analysts

ORGANISATIONS using IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook software will have a pool of qualified candidates to choose from at the end of SaluteMyJob’s latest training course.

SaluteMyJob, in partnership with IBM and the Corsham Institute, is running a free i2 analyst training course to qualify former or transitioning Armed Forces' personnel on IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook software from 30 October to 3 November.

What is IBM i2 Analyst Notebook?

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook is a visual intelligence analysis environment that can optimise the value of massive amounts of information collected by government agencies and businesses.

It allows analysts to quickly collate, analyse and visualise data from disparate sources while reducing the time required to discover key information in complex data.

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook delivers timely, actionable intelligence to help identify, predict, prevent, and disrupt criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent activities. The tool is widely used by government agencies, Defence and increasingly by banks and retail organisations.

How i2 helps organisations

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook helps organisations to:

  • Rapidly piece together disparate data into a single cohesive intelligence picture.
  • Identify key people, events, connections, and patterns that might otherwise be missed.
  • Increase understanding of the structure, hierarchy, and method of operation of criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent networks.
  • Simplify the communication of complex data to enable timely and accurate operational decision-making.
  • Capitalise on rapid deployment that delivers productivity gains quickly using a well-established visual analysis solution.

Creating a supply of qualified data analysts

The course, which boasts a 100 per cent pass rate, will provide businesses with a pool of readily-available, highly-motivated, qualified data analysts, as well as improving the employability and ability to compete for such roles for attendees.

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If you'd like to know more about our i2 qualified candidates, please contact us on 01249 691415 or email info@salutemyjob.com.