Ex-military personnel making their mark at Europe’s leading fresh produce companies

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G’s is one of Europe’s leading fresh produce companies, supplying salads and vegetables to all major UK and many European supermarkets. G’s has farms in UK, Spain, Poland, The Czech Republic, Senegal and the USA. At any one time, there are 7,000 people employed in the company, with 3,800 employees in the UK. SaluteMyJob chats to Beverly Dixon, Group HR Director about the roles ex-military personnel and reservists are most suited for within the company - and why they add value to the business.

G’s employ a number of ex-military personnel in a range of roles across the business. The Group HR Director, Beverly Dixon believes they are suited to two types of roles. She explains: “Colleagues from the Forces are often suited to operational and compliance type roles and in some cases more strategic roles - such as non-executive director. Operational and compliance type roles include health and safety, harvest managers and supervisors, factory managers and lead workers, logistics, learning and development, technical and food safety.”

Beverly said they are suited for these roles because of the range of soft and hard skills they bring to the role. “One aspect is the competency and aptitude they bring, such as organisational skills, structure, being good at planning, but then equally, many of our ex-Service men and women employees have a trade - such as logistics, health and safety or training. For example, we had an ex-forces woman in logistics, running transport. We house 2,500 people in the UK and have buses to take them to different fields, which as you can imagine enormous logistics project - she was great for the role. Other soft skills they bring, include, respect for hierarchy, resilience, structure and they tend to be strong communicators.”  

They add value because they bring qualifications and experience and are filling critical roles without which we wouldn’t be in business.
— Beverly Dixon

There are a number of stand-out success stories within the company, and Gary Cullen, who served 25-years in the 1st Battalion Scots Guards stands out. Beverly said: “Gary, knows his trade, which is health and safety and he is qualified and experienced. He has great perspective, nothing phases him. He is a fabulous communicator and has a real can-do attitude.”

What value do you think Service Leavers add to your business?

“They add value because they bring qualifications and experience and are filling critical roles without which we wouldn’t be in business,” said Beverly.  She believes it is important for businesses to employ veterans, “because they have great skills and experience, make great team members and therefore help form a successful and profitable business.”

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