Defence jobs in Scotland ‘in decline’

The BBC has commented on the results of a new academic study commissioned by the GMB union, which shows a decline in employment by the MoD in the defence sector. The report shows some startling figures which has raised major concerns with the GMB union, with one member saying:

"This report is a reality check and shows that the fragile Scottish economy cannot do without the thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of pounds in wages supported by navy shipbuilding contracts."

The academic study estimates 13,840 people are employed by the Ministry of Defence in Scotland. In 2008, when the economics institute last reported on the defence sector, there were 23% more jobs in uniformed and MoD civilian roles. The report shows the number of civilian MoD employees has fallen from 6,500 to 3,730 in eight years.

Although the figures are concerning, it shows that veterans and Service leavers who are interested in defence roles, especially in Scotland, should search more widely to research their career path and the various roles and industries out there where they may be better suited.

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