Corsham Institute launches Thought Leadership Reports at House of Lords

Corsham-institute-thought leadership-programme

The issue of cyber security and the widening skills gap hit the headlines again this month. On October 13th, the Corsham Institute launched their Thought Leadership Report for 2016 at a House of Lords reception, with over 150 guests representing academia, industry, Government and non-government organisations. Corsham Institute’s Thought Leadership Reports for 2016 cover Digital Health, Cyber & Resilience, Digital Living and Trust & Ethics, exploring the opportunities and challenges that digital technologies are creating within society. The thought-provoking report touched on the skills gap within cyber security. The research highlighted that the UK is “not producing sufficient numbers of skilled graduates with both the technological understanding and the broader capabilities (creativity being frequently cited) to support the development and promotion of cyber resilience”.

The Corsham Institute's report further demonstrates the need for more skilled people within the cyber security world - an employment gap that could be filled with ex-military personnel. At SaluteMyJob, we look forward to seeing what effect the Corsham Institute’s extensive research has on the way businesses and the Government look at closing the cyber cyber security skills gap - and we hope to be of some help. SaluteMyJob, IBM's Corporate Citizenship Team and the Corsham Institute, have developed a programme designed to train and certify ex-military jobseekers as data analysts on IBM's i2 Analyst Notebook tool - with great success. The course has a 100% pass rate and we have now helped qualify over 70 veterans as data analysts. The next i2 course will be held at Corsham Institute in March 2017.