Assessment, Recruitment and Diverse Talent Discussion

A DISCUSSION took place last week, focussed on sharing new ways of supporting diversity through the recruitment and assessment processes in place in many organisations.

Delivered in partnership between SaluteMyJob and EDIT Development, the discussion was organised for employers to debate some of the barriers diverse candidates encounter in securing a job offer - including veterans with a ‘non-traditional’ career history.

Sonia Bate, EDIT Development said:

“The event was all about bringing people together who wouldn’t normally ever be in the same room.”

The evening, on Tuesday 13th September, gave employers the chance to discuss how best to enable change in their organisations, how to look beyond the CV or in many cases overcome the biases we may have in search of ‘talent that fits’.

Jan Abbey one of EDIT Development’s leadership assessment experts, and Andrew Jackson, Managing Director of SaluteMyJob were joined by Petar Vujosevic, founder of Gap Jumpers, who has developed a technology platform for employers to conduct blind auditions in hiring.

The guest speakers spoke on a range of topics, including hiring for attitude, training for skills, blind auditions and coaching.

“It was great chance to meet a diverse group of game changers.”

- Emma Stroud, Pitch Perfect

The next discussion will be focussed on the series 'Spotlight on Leadership' taking place on Tuesday, 17th January, 2017, at 6.30pm at SaluteMyJob offices in Upper Ground, London. If you are particularly interested in attending this event, please contact Hatty:

We are also hosting our first online job fair on October 24 to connect ex-military people with employers. Although the focus is Scotland and the online job fair is supported by the Scottish government, we are keen to encourage employers to offer and jobseekers to consider jobs across the UK and overseas - Read more here >>