Anderson Rose

Anderson Rose are a multi award winning estate agency, founded in 2011 to improve the experience of moving home and prove that it is possible for estate agents to provide their customers with both a great result and great service. They specialise in the sale, rental and management of homes in Prime Central London and we operate a London based Country House agency. 

Anderson Rose are currently seeking to employ ex-military people to fill their vacancies in the property industry. See what Jon Byers, Managing Director of Anderson Rose has to say about employing veterans to work in their company. 

1.  What are your thoughts on signing the corporate covenant? (a pledge that companies and organisations make to show their support to members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families)

  • Is this something that you would consider doing?

  • What actions are you taking to fulfil your armed forces corporate covenant pledges?

Until now, I was unaware of the corporate covenant but have studied it and would have no problem signing it.


2.  What values, skills and behaviours do (you think) former Service men and women (would) bring to your workforce?

Our business relies on winning customers by gaining their trust and then keeping them by delivering an efficient and effective service. The military have the training and experience to fulfil all of these.


3.  Within your company, what roles do you find ex military people are best suited to?

I think that it depends on the career that the candidate has had within the military but roles that require either leadership or organisation would particularly suit an ex-military person. When I interviewed one candidate for a sales role, I asked him why he thought he would be a good sales person. He replied, “when I lead a team into combat, I had to sell the plan to them effectively enough for them to believe that they would win”. To be able to sell so well that your life depended on it is pretty powerful!


4.  What would make it easier for you to employ ex military talent?

For there to be more access to candidates.


5.  What can employers best do to help former service men and women transition into commercial employment?

It is probably important not to take a broad brush approach as I expect that each person making the transition will have different strengths and challenges. Some will be over-confident, even arrogant and others will need support to use their skills within a different less disciplined environment.

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