An Employee's insight into working at Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water signed the Armed Forces Covenant back in January and was recently honoured with a Silver award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme for its support to the Armed Forces community. 

Severn Trent was recognised as a company that shows flexibility towards annual training commitments of reservist employees, and supports the employment of cadet instructors, Armed Forces veterans, including wounded, injured and sick.

On receiving the award, Martin Kane, chief engineer at Severn Trent, said:

“As a business we pride ourselves on supporting our Armed Forces in any way we possibly can, this includes having policies in place for reservists and making employment opportunities visible to those leaving the forces. We also recognise that flexibility towards our employees who have training commitments is very important and has become part of our Severn Trent culture, and we support in any way we can.”

SaluteMyJob finds out more about why Severn Trent is a great company to work for if you are ex-military, from Ralf Topping, a former Lieutenant Colonel, now a Senior Programme Engineer at Severn Trent.  

Ralf believes that ex-military personnel bring a great deal of values and skills to Severn Trent that include punctuality, discipline and honesty - all key skills that the military gives you. Within Severn Trent, the former Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Engineers said it was difficult to pinpoint specific roles that would suit ex-military people - as there are potentially many job opportunities within the company suited to former military personnel.

Ralf explains:

“I was fortunate as a Royal Engineer to stay in the engineering sector but I know there are others who are contract managers for instance and others working in IT. I think that it is difficult to pinpoint specific roles, because I believe the skills and experiences gained throughout a number of military careers can transfer well into a number of roles within Severn Trent.”

Ralf has been with Severn Trent for seven years and said one of the reasons why he enjoys working for the company, is that they have accepted him for who he is.

“I think Severn Trent really understand the key skills and experience that ex-military people can bring to the workplace. I have been with the company now for seven years and I’ve had a great time. I have been accepted from day one. Nobody makes a huge deal that you are ex-military, yes we will talk about what the life was like and share experiences but that is not the main focus. I think the company is set up for outputs - as long as you can do the job you are doing, it does not matter about your military background, they just accept it as being part of who you are. I have learnt a lot from my career here and have been able to give a lot back.”

If you are looking for job opportunities in Severn Trent, Ralf offers this advice:

“I would highly recommend coming to work for Severn Trent - they are a good company, they treat everyone fairly, they look after our best interests and they accept you for who you are. There is a slot within the company for you - whatever your military experience.”

If you are interested in working at Severn Trent Water, please do get in touch. They currently have a variety of live vacancies in engineering and project management and they are seeking ex-military people to fill these roles!