Looking for work? Ever thought about cyber security?

Have you thought about cyber security as a career but talked yourself out of it? Do you think the industry is just for techies? Do you think your military skills are not well-matched to for cyber roles? Well you’re wrong!

Right now, there isn’t a better time for ex-military personnel to forge a career in cyber security. There is a huge shortage of talent and employers consider military people as ideal candidates given your military security training, knowledge and experience. So do not rule out cyber roles assuming they are highly technical!

Still unsure? Still thinking, you need to be techy and have a degree in computer science to get into cybersecurity? Calling information security cyber security doesn’t help to dispel this myth. There is a widespread misperception that cyber is for techies, which is why many ex-military people immediately rule themselves out of applying for cyber roles. In fact, your military security training, knowledge and experience apply equally well to the world of information security.

So how can you get started? How can you find out if this could be a career for you? SaluteMyJob can help. Why not sign up to our introduction to cyber security course this December. Our three day course covering Cyber Security Fundamentals, an SOC (Security Operations Centre) overview, hands on exercises and finishing with full training on IBM Resilient, an Incident Response platform used by many SOC Teams around the world. Successful graduates of the course include a Company Sergeant Major with the Scots Guard, a Stores Accountant in the Royal Marines and a Sniper Section Commander.

The course is FREE and will give you a great starting point to see whether cyber is for you. Find out more here.