100 veterans now qualified in cybersecurity thanks to SaluteMyJob, IBM and Ci

SaluteMyJob has launched its latest cybersecurity training course for military veterans in the UK, in partnership with IBM and the Corsham Institute (Ci). This free certification in IBM security and analytics solutions teaches cybersecurity software skills to former and transitioning military personnel, and 100 veterans had completed the course on 8th September.

Cybersecurity skills are in high demand. Frost & Sullivan estimates that Europe will face a shortage of 350,000 cybersecurity professionals by 2022. Similarly, ISACA’s State of Cyber Security 2017 reports that the technology skills gap is leaving organisations vulnerable to threats. A quarter of those surveyed said today’s cybersecurity candidates are lacking in technical skills and even more reported it can take over six months to fill priority cybersecurity positions.

To help address this skills gap, IBM has developed a “new collar” approach, which taps into the talent of professionals who may not have a traditional university degree, such as ex-military personnel, but who do have in-demand skills and aptitudes. In the UK, 100 veterans have already qualified as data analysts thanks to SaluteMyJob,  Ci and IBM Corporate Citizenship programme. While IBM provides the funding, software and trainer, Ci provides the training facilities, and SaluteMyJob finds candidates from the veteran community.

September's students with Laura Brooke-Smith and Andrew Jackson from SaluteMyJob, Julian Meyrick and Mark Wakefield from IBM and Rachel Neaman, CEO of Ci. CREDIT: Ci

September's students with Laura Brooke-Smith and Andrew Jackson from SaluteMyJob, Julian Meyrick and Mark Wakefield from IBM and Rachel Neaman, CEO of Ci. CREDIT: Ci

Managing Director of SaluteMyJob, Andrew Jackson, says: “Former service men and women possess the knowledge, skills and experience to become significant assets to public and private sector organisations. These courses are designed to encourage those with relevant soft skills to gain a highly relevant qualification at the start of their journey into new careers in cybersecurity. Given the skills shortage nationally, this presents an opportunity for employers to recruit proven veteran jobseekers into roles to which they are often ideally suited.”

“At IBM we recognise the value and skillset veterans can bring. IBM employs hundreds of veteran personnel in a range of roles,” said Julian Meyrick, Vice President, IBM Security Europe. “As I can attest from my own service in the British Army, many of the skills and experiences acquired working in the operations centre of a warship, military unit or Royal Air Force (RAF) station are very relevant to the skills needed to deal with the types of incidents we encounter in cybersecurity daily. 

“It makes perfect business sense to hire veterans into roles from threat monitoring analyst to penetration tester, security operations centre (SOC) analyst and cyber operations manager; they come with relevant soft skills that are often difficult to interview for. With the right training and investment, hiring veterans can help with the huge challenge of closing the cybersecurity skills gap.”

Students on the first day of training. CREDIT: Ci

Students on the first day of training. CREDIT: Ci

"We are delighted to be part of this fantastic initiative, developing the confidence and skills of former members of the Armed Forces as they transition from military service into commercial employment,” says Rachel Neaman, CEO of the Corsham Institute.  "Our partnership with IBM and SaluteMyJob develops cyber and digital skills and the knowledge that creates opportunities for immediate employment.  Our ambition is to encourage individual responsibility and build confidence for all the veterans we support, to embed a mind-set of lifelong learning.”

Running from September 4th – 8th at the Corsham Institute in South West England, the training course certified participating veterans in the use of IBM’s QRadar cyber security software. The  next course will take place on 30th October to 3rd November, with a focus on IBM’s data analysis software, i2 Analyst’s Notebook. Participants are awarded an IBM Open Badge certification on completion, which is recognised, respected and valued globally in the IT industry.

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