Registering for ELCs

You must complete and submit an application form either in your first twelve months from enlistment or between eight and eight and a half years from enlistment.

Service Leavers may submit a claim up until ten years after they have left the service

If you’re unsure if you registered while you were serving, contact ELCAS. 



You are eligible for ELCs if:

You have accumulated 4 years of service since 1 April 2000 (Lower Tier)
You have accumulated 8 years of service since 1 April 2000 (Higher Tier)
If you were Wounded, Injured or Sick (WIS) or Medical Discharged before reaching the four year eligible service then you may still be eligible to claim ELCs   

If you don’t qualify for ELCs, other organisations like the Royal British Legion and Service benevolent funds can sometimes help fund retraining. 

What You Can Use ELCs For

  • You can claim up to £1,000 (Lower Tier) or £2,000 (Higher Tier) per financial year (31st March – 1st April) towards qualifying courses.
  • ELCs can be used for up to 80% of a course; you have to cover the remaining 20% yourself (you can use your Resettlement Grant for this.)
  • You can claim 3 times (as long as they are in separate financial years.)You can use ELCs for up to 10 years from your last day of service.
  • ELCs can be used towards the costs of tuition fees including VAT.
  • ELCs cannot be used towards travel, subsistence, accommodation, meals, equipment or course materials where additional fees apply.
  • You can use one claim for multiple courses, as long as they are linked by a single career goal or industry, and are with the same provider.     

Qualifying Courses

For you to be able to yours your ELCs on a course, it must:

  • Be from an ELCAS accredited provider (full list here)
  • Be accredited by NQF or QCF (NationalQualification Framework or Qualifications and Credit Framework)
  • Result in a qualification which is Level 3 of higher    

Claiming ELCs

You cannot claim money back from ELCAS once you have paid, so make sure you allow plenty of time between submitting your claim and having to pay for your course (at least a month). Do not pay for anything until your claim has been processed.

You will need to send off:

  • Completed Claim Form (complete all of this apart from Parts 4 and 5, which are for Education/Learning Centre staff)
  • If there was a break in your service you will also need an Interrupted Service Supplementary Form
  • Proof of last day of service
  • Information about the course and proof that it is NQF or QCF and Level 3 or higher
  • Proof of home address (photocopy of a utility bill)
  • Photographic proof of identity (photocopy of driving license or passport)
  • Your daytime telephone number

If you are no longer serving, send your claims to the relevant contact below:

Royal Navy: 
Tel: 02392 625954

Tel: 01264 381580

Royal Air Force: 
Tel: 01400 268183

If you are still serving, consult the staff in your local RN Education Centre, Army Education Centre, or RAF Learning Centre.  If your claim is eligible, it will be sent on to ELCAS.  ELCAS will send a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) and Evaluation Form to your education/learning staff, who will send this on to your home address.  You then send your CAN and the payment for the portion of the course you are paying for you yourself to your training provider. When you have finished the course, you need to complete the Evaluation Form and return it to ELCAS.   

Making Changes to a Claim

If you have to change, cancel, or reinstate a claim, you’ll need to follow the related process on the ELCAS website.

(Cancellation is for if the training provider has not already sent an invoice to the MoD; if they have, you’ll need Reinstatement). 


This is just a brief overview of the process, for the full details and terms and conditions, please see the ELCAS website. You can also contact ELCAS on 01452 558390  or