The best way to improve the transition of former Service men and women into employment in commercial companies is for both employers and candidates to invest in upskilling and, in the case of employers, provide additional cultural and contextual familiarisation. There is considerable room for improvement. SaluteMyJob works with partners, employers and candidates to facilitate such training, such as the delivery of IBM's i2 Analyst training. Our programme will grow over time to address the following issues:

  • Candidates' lack of clarity over the jobs and organisations in which they have the skills and 'fit' to succeed.
  • Identification of skills gaps and the right training (with the right provider) to overcome them.
  • Presentation through CVs and at interviews.

SaluteMyJob also works with employers to encourage investment in skills and 'on-boarding' training and mentoring programmes for ex-military employees.

FREE Training Courses

  • Free IBM Cyber Security Training Course
    SaluteMyjob, in partnership with IBM and Corsham Institute runs a free Cyber Security Training Course aimed at veterans and reservists, looking to work in a support and operations environment. Students will learn to navigate the IBM QRadar user interface and how to investigate offences. You will search and analyse the information from which QRadar concluded as suspicious activity and conduct hands-on exercises to reinforce the skills learned. The course covers system configuration, data source configuration, and remote networks and services configuration.

  • Free IBM's i2 Analyst Training Course
    SaluteMyJob, in partnership with IBM and Corsham Institute, is running this FREE i2 analyst training course to qualify former or transitioning Armed Forces' personnel on IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook software. 
  • Mechanical and Civil Engineers Insight Day
    Our client has been building restaurants, and their reputation, since 1967. In those forty-odd years, they've established themselves as an expert in heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions specifically for the UK restaurant market. Family-owned and run to this day, they pride themselves on their commitment to clients, technical expertise and high-profile client portfolio. 
  • Deloitte - Insight into Professional Services
    • How do my skills match those needed within professional services?
    • How have others transitioned from the Armed Forces to Professional Services?
    • How do I civilianise my CV?
  • RBLI LifeWorks Course
    This RBLI Course equips ex-Armed Forces personnel with the tools to get into and maintain a civilian job that is appropriate for them
  • ICAEW - The Importance of money in business
    This is a free course that ICAEW have developed with Leeds University. It is available to anyone. It is a 4 week course that covers the importance of money in business. Each week, there are video tutorials, self-tests and interactive learning. It takes about 2 hours to complete the learning each week. The course has recently started, but individuals can still sign up until 07 April 2016 – it simply means that if you want to get in all the learning by the time the course ends, then you'll just need to catch up on a couple of weeks’ worth of learning. It’s a great extra to put on a CV. Totally free. No exams – just learn from your laptop / computer. 
  • Future For Heroes
    Future for Heroes is a free residential course built around four main parts: Finding out about yourself, Planning your life, Finding a purpose & setting objectives, Making a personal commitment to the future.

    Participants achieve the following: A deeper understanding of yourself, Techniques to strengthen what you may consider are your areas of weakness, An awareness of new aptitudes and talents, The ability to harness your abilities for your new life, An understanding of the relevance of the qualities, skills and qualifications gained in the forces, Coping mechanisms to manage stress and recognise its causes, symptoms and effects.