... From Employers

"The strategic workshop facilitated by SaluteMyJob was fantastic. It proved a great way to secure the buy-in of the business leads to a military programme and agree a plan. The format worked really well and we enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the Veteran programme of a US company and discussing how best to apply it to Worldpay. We also liked the mix of ex-military and recruitment professionals in the SaluteMyJob team, the structured of the workshop and the relaxed style in which it was run." - Catherine Schlieben, Head of Talent Attraction at WorldPay

"I found the SaluteMyJob team to be responsive, efficient and easy to work with. We were impressed with the variety of candidates provided by SaluteMyJob, which gave us the range of people we sought. We are very pleased with the candidate we chose and were impressed by the depth of skills and experience displayed by all the candidates. In addition, their service offered good value for money" - Joe Healey, HR Director of Victim Support

"I have been very happy with the level of service and thank you for your support. I will certainly be using SaluteMyJob again when we have further opportunities" - Mick Pinder, Managing Director, Chesterfield Special Cylinders

"There is a clear need to help veterans find rewarding jobs that make best use of their military knowledge, skills and experience. It is particularly important to support those who leave after a few years’ service. I am delighted to see that SaluteMyJob is being set up as a Social Enterprise, with this group as its focus." – Sir William Purves, Former Chairman, HSBC

"I wish SaluteMyJob every success in what is an admirable endeavour, especially as I frequently find ex-veterans to make excellent co-workers." - Chris Rea, Managing Director of AESSEAL



... From Veterans

"I am writing to thank SaluteMyJob for the amazing support one of your recruitment consultants, Becci, has provided in helping with an application for a job that she put my way. Not only did she volunteer to help but commented and added value every step of the way. I was absolutely delighted with her professional approach and responsiveness; i just wanted to let you know that i think you have a real gem in Becci." - Simon Allen, March 2017

"After leaving the Royal Navy after 27 years I struggled with depression, this made finding employment impossible in fact I had all but given up. I tried everything and applied for 100’s of jobs eventually getting a few interviews but never getting “that call”.

4 months ago I contacted Joanna at SaluteMyJob who through regular contact offered me one to one mentoring and guidance on creating the CV that would get me to “the top of the pile”. Teaching me tips on interview techniques, helping me to identify my strengths and what kind of roles I would be  suited for.  

I cannot thank Joanna and SaluteMyJob enough, the guidance I was given has given me the confidence and self belief to apply for more challenging roles, for which I am better suited, something a few months ago I would never have dreamed of." - Mr S.T. , Feb 2017

"I really do appreciate your time and effort in guiding me on updating my CV. I have been left in a rut after Leaving the military and you helping me with this task gives me great confidence." - Liam Rentell, Jan 2017

"As soon as I registered my interest with SaluteMyJob I knew I had picked a great ex-Forces recruitment company.  From the outset I knew I was working with a highly professional and dedicated team who were passionate about making sure their clients were being selected for the right job for them.  They took interest in my aspirations and what I wanted to do in my career outside of the Army.  Jo worked hard to make sure that I was selling myself correctly to prospective employers, both with my CV and my pitch.  I thoroughly recommend SaluteMyJob to any Forces (or ex-Forces) personnel looking for a recruitment company that actually delivers on their promises." - Andy, Jan 2017

"Never had a cv that has looked so good, thank you for your help it's very much appreciated" - Ashleigh, Jan 2017

"SaluteMyJob has been wonderful and I am really grateful for the qualifications which I have used to gain employment in the IT sector." - Duncan, QRadar Course Student, Jan 2017

"The support and honest advice that the team has given me has been fantastic. It has really opened my eyes to the way that I present my CV and the terminology to really sell my skills and find employment at the right level in the civilian sector" - Marc Stirling, Nov 2016

"I have been spoilt. Everything is personal - you really feel like someone cares. They really want to help you - they want to look at you as a bigger picture. I think SaluteMyJob is the first place that have looked at ‘this is what you could do’ - rather than ‘this was the rank you had - so you should do this’." - Sylvester, Oct 2016

"I sent out my CV that you helped create with me on Wednesday and I started a new job today. So thank you very much for your time with helping me with it" - Matt W, Oct 2016

"You were very helpful this day : thank you so very much. I wish that all employees were as caring and as solicitous as you!" - Paul Middlemiss, Oct 2016

"As I complete my first day I am writing to thank you for all your effort and support over the last couple of months that has culminated in my securing a job. My success is in no small part the result of the work that you've put in; the advice on my CV, preparation recommendation, the 'steers' on what to expect and how to handle tricky questions, the pre-interview encouragement - it all enabled me to succeed. 

Your extra effort and personal approach clearly stood out amongst other recruitment agents I work with. You always made me feel like an individual rather than a number, an approach I urge you to maintain.

I wish you and the SMJ team good fortune for the future and I will certainly be pointing my friends and colleagues, who choose to leave, in your direction." - SaluteMyJob Candidate, Sept 2016

"I am overwhelmed by the support and guidance you have given me over the past few weeks, to understand what motivates me was key to developing my CV and future career options.  This was all coupled with that full understanding on how a military mind thinks, even after leaving the service for 10 years... You enabled me to refocus with options that would not only suit my lifestyle but my strengths as well.

I can say I feel brand new, fully focused, motivated and ready for a new chapter, I have a goal to achieve that will hopefully enable me to support others like you have for me. SaluteMyJob is second to none you’re not considered a number, you feel your worth, your understood and you are valued, an experience I have not had with recruiters in the past." - Philip Croughton, Sept 2016

"Thanks for all your help, its great that you actually take the time to help rather than just saying it needs work; I probably would not have been able to get it to this level without your help."         - Matthew Brady, Sept 2016

" am very happy with my CV and i will be handing it out at careers fairs. Thank you for your time and patience in helping me with it" -  Matthew Watson, Sept 2016

"I do not underestimate the value of your help with getting my CV properly written - I am sure this would have stood out in the eyes of a professional recruitment consultant and I thank you again for you assistance." - Martin Addison-Smith, June 2016

"Thank you for the outstanding help and contribution aiding me in perfecting my CV. I feel better prepared now for the onward job search armed with my new CV, hopefully to find a new career soon." - David McDonagh, June 2016

"The support, guidance and advice she (Becci) provides has been nothing less than outstanding.  The manner in which she guides you through each aspect of the process, gives you a high level of understanding, confidence and the feeling she is right there supporting you all the way. Without question she goes the extra mile for her clients." - Alan Edwards, April 2016

"I would like to thank you and your team especially Francine in the help I have received in building a better CV. It has given me a better direction on what is required to create a competitive CV that makes the most of my skills and experience." Gary Dawson Woodruff, Jan 2016

"I had a 45 minute CV workshop with Becci today. She is very impressive and clearly knows her subject. She made some very helpful suggestions which I will incorporate into the next iteration." - Geoff Moynan, Jan 2016

"I've got a job with carillion I'm the training and development manager of the roads witch is civil engineering. I'm really enjoying it and the future looks really good hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for the help in getting me where I need to be." - Phil Bartlett, Dec 2015

"I managed to work myself with M&E global resources and hope to be away in January again working for them. And as for assistance I think I'm all squared away, thank you again to all the team." - Lee Shaw, Dec 2015