Rail Enforcement Officer

Location: Purley
Salary: £28k whilst on training (can take up to 6 months) and rising to £30k.

The Company

Our client is the largest train operating company in the UK with more passengers, more trains and more staff than anyone else in the country. They have very ambitious plans to improve the infrastructure, technical capability and capacity of all their rail lines.

Role Summary

The purpose of the role is to:

  • Lead, direct and work as a member of the team to patrol trains and stations independently and as part of a team.

  • Work in partnership with other departments and outside agencies including the police to ensure the security of our railway and to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and fare evasion.

  • To respond to emergencies and provide assistance as required to co-workers, police and other emergency services.

  • To increase confidence of passenger and employees, reducing low level crime and antisocial behaviour.

  • To engage with our client's customers raising safety and security awareness.

  • To improve customer satisfaction, carry out day-to-day team leader duties, which include first line people management responsibilities.

Our client is a values-based organisation and all employees are expected to role model values and work towards achieving their vision of:

  • Continuous Improvement.

  • Dedicated to Safety.

  • Excellence.

  • Working Together.

  • Committed to the Customer.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide effective leadership, administration, guidance and management to the team.

  • Work in partnership with internal teams & external stakeholders.

  • Build effective long-term relationships with relevant stakeholder groups and customers.

  • Deliver a highly visible deterrent to ASB and low level crime.

  • Support the company in special event and crowd control management

  • Provide good customer service to all passengers and improve their travelling experience.

  • Conduct highly visible patrols and work pro-actively to reduce fare evasion, counter public disorder, deter terrorism and minimise risk to public safety.

  • Deal with bye law offences; issue Fixed Penalty Notices in appropriate cases, to reduce criminal and anti-social behaviour on trains and stations.

  • Respond to all incidents including major incidents and emergencies to assist the police, and other emergency services providing customer care assistance.

  • Respond pro-actively to rail incidents to ensure public safety and support emergency services.

  • Undertake minor crime investigations, including taking crime reports, short statements, seizing and preserving of evidence and crime scenes, submit written statements and attend court to support prosecutions.

  • Support joint Police/Immigration/Customs/Railway anti-crime initiatives to help reduce anti-social behaviour and crime and work in uniform and at times plain clothes as required and carry out covert surveillance to support the company or Police initiatives.

  • Gather crime and anti-social behaviour intelligence where appropriate to pass to the appropriate department or agency to support prosecutions.

  • Possess current knowledge of company cash regulations and all rules, notices, retail circulars, security threat level and publications to maintain compliance.

  • Respond to customer enquiries and issue tickets and excess fares to customers not liable to be issued with a Penalty Fare to help exceed customer service and improving customers’ journey experience.

  • Report offenders using MG11 procedure where necessary which could lead to successful prosecution of fare evaders.

  • Respond to Eye Witness reports and to deploy staff strategically in line with those Eye Witness reports.

  • Work responsibly for your safety and the safety of others to minimise risk while at work.

Key Requirements

Key Skills

  • Resilience – maintains effective work behaviour and professionalism and able to make sound decisions in the face of setbacks or pressure. Remains calm, stable and in control.

  • Customer Service Orientation – quickly builds rapport and easily establishes relationships with customers and staff.

  • Oral Communication – Speaks clearly and fluently and in a compelling manner to both individuals and groups, holds others attention when speaking. Confidence with presenting to groups of people.

  • Written Communication – Writes in a clear and concise manner, able to produce complex and detailed reports that will stand as evidence in a court of law.

  • Flexibility – successfully adapts to changing demands, conditions and scenarios.

  • Problem Solving and Analysis – analyses issues and breaks them down into component parts. Makes systematic and rational judgements based on relevant information.

  • Persuasiveness – influences, convinces or impresses others in a way that results in acceptance, agreement or behaviour change. Presents the key points of an argument persuasively.

Previous Experience

  • Evidence of previous experience of working in an environment with a high level of customer contact.

  • Leadership experience; ability to effectively lead and manage and motivate others in the team.

  • Desirable to have 3 years’ experience of working in a similar environment.

  • Experience of working in a CS environment.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Ability to make sound decisions when under pressure.

  • Excellent verbal communications skills.

  • Able to write using clear, concise, legible and grammatically correct English.

  • Ability to listen and understand and assimilate information.

  • Ability to work within a team and meet personal and team objectives.

  • Assertive, resilient and able to remain professional in confrontational situations.

  • Able to adapt communication skills to match their audience.

  • Able to evaluate information in order to make appropriate decisions.

  • Able to work independently using own initiative and as part of a team.

  • Ability to understand and interpret complex information.

  • Able to work within company, legal and health and safety requirements.

  • Able to produce complex and detailed reports that will stand as evidence in a court of law.

  • Confident at verbal presentations as would be required to act as a witness on behalf of the company and crown at court.

  • Able to pass BTP vetting process.

  • Desire to learn and maintain industry knowledge.

How Will Your Success In the Role Be Measured?

  • Improve confidence levels for customers & staff.

  • Contribute to reduction of staff assaults.

  • Improve NRPS figures.

  • Reduce low level crime & anti-social behaviour.

  • Reduce crime levels.

  • Reduce customer complaints regarding personal security.

  • Receive letters of praise and acknowledgements.

  • Improve PEM/QuEST scores.