General Manager – Production & Assembly Facility

Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (with some travel)
Salary: Up to £40k (experience dependent) + package including Health

Role Summary

An opportunity has arisen for a General Manager, directly accountable to the Chief Operating Officer, who will be sufficiently flexible to take on multiple problem solving tasks in ‘hands on’ fashion as the company expands beyond start up stage.  

The key focus of the role is to manage the new production and assembly facility: this will involve liaising with the sub-contractors who manufacture components; developing a working plan to give sight of expected completion dates; managing assembly staff; developing an efficient assembly process, and liaising closely with the engineering team to ensure appropriate technical considerations are rigorously adhered to.

The role is considered by the Employer to be very suitable for a Senior NCO / Warrant Officer / possibly Late Entry Officer from any of the 3 services, who very probably comes from a technical background.

The Company

This growing company is at an early stage, and has just opened a new production facility offering engineering support, product assembly, prototype testing and customer support to its European based parent.  The firm currently comprises 8 full time staff; likely shortly to increase to 12 – 15, and it brings in assembly staff as required.


  • Develop and manage the production / assembly plan, liaising closely with the engineering team, including testing, onsite installation and commissioning.
  • Develop best working practices to underpin the above.
  • Help drive the ISO9001 quality process both internally and externally.
  • Develop further the Engineering & Resource Planning (ERP) system currently in use.
  • As part of the purchasing strategy, identify minimum order quantities, negotiate these with key suppliers and develop these into trusted Partners.
  • Participate in supplier selection, conducting quality audits as necessary.
  • Help manage Sales and Operation Planning (SOP) activity.
  • Act as Production lead at monthly management meetings, providing reports as necessary.
  • Provide support to R&D and installation activities.
  • Manage vendors, contractors, technicians and engineers as appropriate.
  • Adhere to Environmental / Health & Safety legislation, developing and policing the company’s procedures as appropriate.


  • Experience of managing a small team, ideally in a technical context.
  • Able to understand engineering drawings; ideally with some knowledge of ERP systems, though full training in the system used by the firm will be given.
  • Experience of managing sub-contractors, overseeing production or assembly, procurement, or as an Operations Manager is all relevant (it is recognised that no one candidate is likely to have all of this).
  • Sufficiently flexible in approach to address ‘what needs doing’ using initiative rather than simply completing specified duties, including physical tasks if necessary.
  • Strong communication skills: good with the firm’s own staff, and able to generate respect from them, but also credible / professional in dealing with customers, suppliers, the supply chain and at trade exhibitions (sometimes globally).
  • Any IOSH / NEBOSH qualifications or experience of ISO standards are desirable.