'Many thanks for this excellent training. At each point of the application process and course, all the SaluteMyJob personnel was very kind and helpful. Thank you very much again for all your time and help' - Muhammed, March 2017

'Excellent, enjoyable course. Highly recommend. Excellent instructor, made a potentially dry subject highly enjoyable'
- Emma, March 2017

‘There are 101 training companies in the market trying to get you to part with money rather than having a genuine desire to help people, to the point where I am reluctant to sign up to anything. This partnership between IBM, SaluteMyJob and the Corsham Institute is absolutely the support that resettlers and veterans should get. I hope that SaluteMyJob can gain the reputation as a source of highly trained analysts for the defence, intelligence and crime-fighting agencies.’
- Martin, Oct 2016

‘A well administered course which has found a useful skill for service leavers and delivered an excellent course. The  pre-course communications and JIs were all clear and the course was enjoyable to complete. I hope that others will be able to benefit from an ongoing collaboration between Corsham Institute, IBM and SaluteMyJob. Having an additional certified skill to put on my CV and being in a learning environment has had a positive impact on my resettlement. I travelled back from Italy to complete the course and I'm pleased I did - would recommend to others.’
- Adam, Oct 2016

‘I feel i can now comfortably use the software and with continued use and practice the skills taught on the the course will be cemented and amplified.’
- Natalie, Oct 2016

‘Over the course of my career I have obviously attended many courses and have taught a large number myself. Very few were delivered to the high standard that Gary delivered this to. His informal, yet thorough method was pitched at the ideal level to his audience and would have been far more difficult without his expertise’.
- Sean, Oct 2016

'An excellent course which undoubtedly will prove invaluable in my future profession and would be beneficial to the main stream military'
- Mark, March 2016

'Outstanding instructor who pitches at the right level and gets the best results from his students. Highly recommend, even for those who think they know how to use i2.'
- Lee, March 2016

'Really enjoyed the course and appreciate being given the opportunity to attend... I feel the certification will definitely benefit my job search in the near future.'
- Natasha, March 2016

 'The course is an excellent and very practical introduction to the IBM i2 notebook. It is centred on actual operational use of the system rather than just passing the exam, hence very useful.'
- Richard, March 2016

'Many thanks for organising the course last week. It really was excellent and we all learned a great deal. Gary was fantastic and pitched it at exactly the right level. Once again, many thanks. Your efforts in making this all happen are really appreciated.'
- Ivan, March 2016

'Greatly impressed by the i2 course and Gary's teaching skills, and I will be recommending SaluteMyJob to all my friends. Many thanks for the opportunity to do the course.'
- Pauline, Oct 2015

‘Excellent course, learned a lot. I wish i’d done this before at least 3 of my tours’
- Student, Oct 2015

‘An excellent course, would recommend to anyone who does an occupation using i2 in future’
- Student, Oct 2015

‘ Very valuable to me as a reservist/ MOD employee
- Student, Oct 2015

‘This course was an excellent learning experience to appreciate and take on board the essential basics of IBM i2 Analyst. The content was delivered by Gary Whitehand at the correct level using well explained methodology and appropriate humour :) (his pre course video presentation was professionally produced and I found those just as helpful). Thank you to all facilitators/ IBM/ Gary Whitehead’ 
- Student, Oct 2015

‘Having been trained to use i2 in the intelligence corps, this four day course has made me far more confident and knowledgeable than my previous experience’
- Student, Oct 2015

‘ Very enjoyable and well- taught. Straight forward admin process to attend and all the SaluteMyJob staff were very professional and helpful. Hartham Park is a great location, easily accessible with plenty of parking. It would be good if the course was more widely advertised or even if SaluteMyJob was… I have benefitted greatly from this course and feel very lucky to have had this opportunity.’
- Student, Oct 2015

‘An excellent course with a first-rate instructor, very many thanks to IBM, SaluteMyJob and particularly Gary for making this course available, accessible and enjoyable.’ 
- Student, Oct 2015

‘Given the time limits the instructor covered the essentials of i2 analyst notebook. I feel confident in using i2 in my workplace. Great instructor’ 
- Student, Oct 2015

‘ Informative, interesting and useful course. Fantastic that it is free. Well taught and engaging.'
- Student, Oct 2015

‘It took some time for me to get up to speed. However, Gary took time with me individually to catch up. By day 2 the system became easier to use and relatively simple.’ 
- Student, Oct 2015

‘Clear and concise instruction. Good facilities. Instructor very knowledgable and passionate about the course’
 - Student, Oct 2015

‘ Gary was a fantastic tutor, he made learning a large amount of information very quickly, very easy.’
- Student, Oct 2015

‘Having been trained to use i2 in the int corps, this four day course has made me far more confident and knowledgeable than my previous experience’
- Student, Oct 2015

"The course has given me an excellent understanding of i2 Analyst Notebook which I will definitely be able to put to good use in my role. Working in cyber security, the tracking of threats and activities are key to getting on the ‘front-foot’ and I see i2 as a good tool to do that." 
- Paul, June 2015

"This is a well organised, well delivered course. It contained far more information than I had imagined, which is a good thing! This training, combined with my military training, will help me to move out of a very narrow field and into a position where I can apply for more general intelligence roles, and more towards data analysis and ultimately more commercial work. Thank you all very much for your efforts. I look forward to seeing what else the three companies do in the future! I will recommend the course to former colleagues/ comrades."
- Student, June 2015

"Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the excellent course. Gary was a superb trainer and the whole thing was really well put together."
- Ben, June 2015

"Thank you for affording me the opportunity to attend the IBM i2 Analyst Notebook course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I know that the knowledge I have acquired will benefit me immensely. Again thank you."
- Lethroy, June 2015

"Will be a useful string to my bow, but key will be to put it to use immediately. Great week, thanks!"
- Student, June 2015

"The course was fantastic and I have been using the skill since."
- Steven, March 2015

"Most enjoyable, would recommend."
- Student, March 2015

"In depth. Well taught. As fun as it could be. Interesting too. I feel very well informed in the software but not necessarily an expert."
- Student, March 2015

"Well instructed course" 
- Student, March 2015

"The course was excellent. It added to the knowledge I already had, and will come in very useful in my job."
- Student, March 2015

"The course was really beneficial and enjoyable. Gary is an excellent instructor and made it easy to absorb the information and stay focussed. He explained everything clearly and reiterated until it was understood if you were having difficulty."
- Student, March 2015

"The training was well delivered and pitched at the right level. The instructor's real world experience helped apply knowledge."
- Student, March 2015

"The teaching on the course was a very high standard and the structure of the course flowed very well."
- Student, March 2015

"The classroom and setting were great."
- Student, March 2015

"Really enjoyed the course and appreciate being given the opportunity to attend. I feel the certification will definitely benefit my job search in the near future."
- Student, March 2015