Q. Do I need any particular experience to attend the course?
A. Yes. Due to the intensity of the course, it is desirable that all candidates have experience in either a data analysis or intelligence gathering. Some knowledge of the intelligence cycle or experience in an intelligence cell or role would be sufficient.

Q. I am still serving. Can I attend the course?
A. Priority goes to resettling personnel, however, we award places to serving personnel if there is space on the course. If you are serving and wish to apply, every stage of the application process must be completed including uploading a CV.  

Q. I have registered but have not been sent the assessments. Why is this?
There are a number of reasons why you have not received the assessments. Please cover the following points to check you have done everything correctly:

  • You will not receive the assessments until the following day as our registration system updates overnight.
  • Check your record to ensure every stage of the registration process is complete, including uploading your CV.
  • The email may be in your SPAM mail.
  • Check you are using the email you provided us with.
  • If you are still concerned, email Laura Brooke-Smith the day after your registration to confirm you are showing on our system.

Q. I am having difficulties registering. Why is this?
A. If you are using DII, Androids, MACs, mobile phones or a tablet you will not be able to register. Not all browsers work with our registration process. The most effective way to register is using the Internet Explorer browser.  

Q. I am still having difficulties registering. Who can I contact?
Please contact Laura Brooke-Smith if you are still having difficulties registering. Alternatively you can use the ‘live chat’ facility on our website during normal working hours.

Q. I have registered for the course. Will I still be able to use the info@salutemyjob.com address if I have questions?
A. Once registered you will be contacted via our candidate tracking system, however you can still contact us by email or the chat facility on the website if you wish.  

Q. How long do I have to complete the assessments?
A. It is in your interest to complete the assessments as quickly as you are able in order to secure a place on the course.

Q. What are the pass marks for the assessments?
A. When making our selection decision at the assessment stage, your experience and assessment results will be considered.  

Q. How long do I have to submit the video interview?
 It is in your interest to complete the interview as quickly as you are able to secure a place on the course. Once we receive your interviews, we make the selection decision.

Q. When will I receive the joining instructions?
Once we have your video interviews, we make the selection decision. If you are selected, you will be sent a link to the joining instructions which contains information on local civilian and military accommodation.  

Q. Is there any pre-course training to do?
A. Once you have been selected you will be sent a link to access the pre-course training. There are 9 videos and a number of documents and charts to view. There is a set of 15 questions to answer prior to the course. This will take a number of hours.  

Q. Are there any costs to me?
We do not charge a fee to attend the course or sit the examination. It is free of charge to all resettling and ex-military personnel. However, you will be responsible for your own travel, accommodation and food costs for the duration of the course.

Q. Does attendance on the course guarantee me a job or an interview?
A. No. However passing the final assessment will qualify you as a data analyst on IBM’s i2 software, which is widely used by the MOD, Police Forces and commercial companies in the banking and retail sectors. Successful completion of the course will improve your employability and ability to compete for a data analysis role, especially if the company uses i2.