Our Mission

SaluteMyJob is a Social Enterprise providing consultancy, recruitment and training services to employers and helping former members of the Armed Forces, and reservists, into employment. We help employers plan and implement structured, sustainable and measurable 'veterans' programmes, aiming to inform and increase demand 'pull' for ex-military people as employees, contractors or consultants. 

"We owe it to veterans to understand and recognise them as the assets they are to businesses across the UK"

- General Sir Nick  Parker, KCB CBE, Chairman, SaluteMyJob
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SaluteMyJob helps employers turn their support for the Armed Forces into action and to make the most of the knowledge, skills and experience of former Service men and women. We showcase best practice, help you apply it to your business needs through structured Armed Forces or 'veterans' programmes to impact positively on your HR, D&I or CSR agendas - and your bottom line. We also combine the best commercial HR tools with the project leadership, risk management, planning, relationship management, security, problem-solving and cross-functional skills of ex-military people to develop or support your People strategy or to help inculcate a culture of continuous improvement. 



We actively collaborate with Service charities, Associations and other specialist ex-military companies. For employers, this provides the widest possible access to the disparate ex-military and reservist talent pool. For jobseekers, we provide the support they need through the organisations they know and trust.


SaluteMyJob’s free Veterans Employment Support Service combines expert employment consultants and IBM's HR technology to provide you with targeted, professional support into employment. We help you translate your acquired military skills and experience into the language of commercial employers. We also offer 1-to-1 careers advice, help with CV writing, research, interview skills. We provide the tools to help you practise with online assessments and video interviews; all designed to ensure that you compete strongly for the jobs offered by our veteran-friendly clients.

"It Is Time To Stop Portraying Veterans As Victims And Start Seeing Them As The Assets They Are To Businesses And Communities"

- Andrew Jackson, Managing Director at SaluteMyJob