Q. What is SaluteMyJob and why is it unique?
A. SaluteMyJob is a Social Enterprise - a business acting in the interests of the military community - providing consultancy, recruitment and assessment services to employers. Aside of our focus on Veterans, our uniqueness stems from our ability to help employers apply best practice to deliver, efficiently, the scale and range of ex-military people they need.

Q. Is SMJ an agency?
A. No. SMJ is a business-to-business provider of professional consultancy, recruitment and assessment services to employers. We help employers put structured, pragmatic veterans’ programmes in place and support their in-house or outsourced recruiting operations.

Q. How does SMJ differ from an agency?
A. There are 3 key differences:

  1. Scale. Agencies specialising in ex-military supply small numbers of executives or specialists. SMJ has the technology and expertise to provide higher volumes of qualified candidates.
  2. Cost. Agencies charge c15-30% of first year salary. SMJ contracts to supply candidates at 18% or 9% of first year salary (+VAT) depending on the nature of the service provided. 
  3. Range. Most employers seek ex-military people to fill a wide range of roles. Agencies tend to specialise and are unable to fill the range of roles employers seek.

Q. How does SaluteMyJob differ from the Career Transition Partnership?
In addition to the 3 key differences listed above, SMJ offers a bespoke service to our clients. We understand their culture and intricacies behind each role. This enables us to deliver quality candidates that succeed.   

Q. What is the Corporate Covenant?
 A corporate covenant is a written and publicised voluntary pledge from businesses and charitable organisations who wish to demonstrate their concrete support for the armed forces community. Corporate covenants include a core statement of commitment plus any pledges that offer support in a way most appropriate to their situation. This may be; employment support for veterans, reservists, service spouses and partners or support for cadet units. For more information , see here.  

Q. We are thinking about signing the Corporate Covenant and would like to ensure it has a positive impact on our business. Can you help?
A. Yes, we offer expert advice on what pledges would best impact your business. We can help set up auditing, benchmarking and review processes to ensure your business honours and benefits from these commitments.     

Q. What consultancy services does SMJ offer?
1. Through workshops and education events, SMJ provides expert advice to help employers set up structured, pragmatic Veterans’ programmes.
2. SMJ also audit, benchmark and review employers’ existing policies and programmes and agree success metrics. We advise on tools, metrics and accessing the ex-military community.

Q. What recruitment services do SMJ offer?
A. We offer tailored recruitment services at 4 levels:

  • Level 1. Advertising to the ex-military community
  • Level 2. Advertising Plus adds a limited search for suitably qualified ex-military candidates registered with SaluteMyJob and our partners
  • Level 3. Veterans' Recruitment Service (VRS) to source, filter and pre-select suitably qualified ex-military candidates
  • Level 4. Search (for more ad hoc requirements)

Q. What assessment services do SMJ provide?
A.Through partnering with test publishers and assessment service providers, we offer bespoke assessment services including:

  • Online personality, behavioural and hard and soft skills tests
  • Bespoke assessments to meet unique assessment or cultural requirements
  • Assessment centres

Q. Why is ex-military talent hidden?
A. Ex-military are overlooked during CV sifts and interviews plus the talent pool is disparate causing it hard to access.

Q. Why should we employ ex-military?
Because of the hard skills (technical experience) and soft skills (team players, negotiators, leaders, collaborators, relationship builders etc) that ex-military offer.

Q. What is the average age group leaving the forces?
Statistics difficult to get hold of but 49% of the 23,000 that left last year did not go through CTP due to them serving less than 6 years. The majority of these would be in their 20s.

Q. What barriers to hiring ex-military talent do employers face?
A. There are 6 main barriers:

  • Translation of acquired military knowledge, skills and experience into commercial language
  • Perceptions, stereotypes and risk
  • Access to the disparate ex-military talent pool
  • Ever tighter HR policies and processes
  • Knowledge of hiring managers/ HR business partners
  • Confusion arising from a plethora MOD organisations and Service charities

Q. What barriers to employment in the commercial sector do ex-military candidates face?
A. There are 3 main barriers:

  • Lack of understanding of industry sectors, companies and roles
  • Job readiness (skills, CVs, confidence, fear of the unknown, attitudes and behaviours)
  • Mobility