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Insight into Self Employment

Due to the lack of jobs available in the Morayshire area coupled with the fact that over 25% of military families posted in Lossie, Kinloss or Fort George choose to make this area their home, self-employment is a viable option for you to at least consider.

Unlock Your Potential

  • Do you have a talent or skill that could be developed into a business but you have no idea how to go about this?
  • What hobbies do you have that others may pay to learn those skills?
  • Have you often thought about being your own boss?
  • Do you have a strong work ethic and are currently making someone else rich by your efforts? 
  • Are you struggling to fit in the demands of a job with your personal commitments?
  • Would you like to learn more about doing something that is mobile and where you dictate the hours spent working?
  • Are you unsure about setting up a business, and whether you would be a sole-trader or Limited Company? What is the difference?
  • Want to know more about tax implications of being self-employed?
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial teenage child at home? If so, bring them along and what they will hear may just elevate them into mapping out their future.

All of these questions along with many others will be covered on this information and awareness day.

About the event

This event is open to all military personnel, their spouses and dependants from Lossiemouth, Fort George and Kinloss. There will be guest speakers from Business Gateway Morayshire, Princes Trust, HMRC as well as speakers with experience of e-commerce. This is not all about the traditional bricks and mortar type business as it will also focus on e-commerce which offers real flexibility and is not geographically dependant.

Military people and spouses have so many transferrable skills to map over into self-employment. Think about decision making, being solution and results focused. How many times have you had to make things happen despite not having all of the tools? This shows resourcefulness and a high degree of customer awareness. All of these and the many more skills that military families have go a long way in working for yourself.

Book your place

Take the first step today to becoming your own boss by calling us on 0203 162 4410 to secure your place. There are limited spaces at this event so booking early is advised.