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Deloitte Military Insight Day

Transitioning out of the Armed Forces is a challenging time. The amount of options you have can be rather daunting – let us make things a little clearer.

  • How do my skills match those needed within professional services?
  • How have others transitioned from the Armed Forces to Professional Services? 
  • How do I civilianise my CV?

Please note that we expect to generate high interest for this event and we encourage you to register your interest as early as possible. 

If you are interested in attending, please go to the Deloitte website and follow the steps outlined.

“It was very useful actually. The day is broken down into a series of insights from the different competences within Deloitte, with a focus where possible on ex-military who have made the transition. You get a lot of information from engaging speakers and there is a lot to take in. The CV workshop was really useful and gave a great idea as to how Deloitte like CVs. The networking session at the end is also good, giving you a chance to pick the brains of the ex-military cohort. All in all I was very impressed”.

This event is hosted by Deloitte and is not a Career Transition Partnership event. The CTP are working with Deloitte to promote this event in order to ensure it is of the greatest benefit to Service leavers.