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BFRS Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair

With over 5,000 jobs available, come along with your colleagues, family or friends and get involved in the ONLINE Virtual National Employment & Careers Fair. You’ll discover new jobs, careers and skills that will inspire and motivate you whatever your ability or ambitions.

This event provides the Armed Forces Community (AFC) with a great opportunity to meet and network with potential future employers and find out more about the various industry sectors available.

We encourage you to try new things and talk to people from many different organisations. We hope that the day will steer you towards your future career and open your eyes to the many different opportunities available across the UK, now and in the future.

This is your chance to discover more about your future job options and what employers require of you. 

Register for the event today, and you get the latest updates and information straight to your inbox. Just click the Register button above, or phone 0116 254 5477.

As soon as you register for the event, you can also request your FREE CV Health-check to help prepare you for the day.

Why should you attend?

  • By attending this ONLINE event, you’ll have access to hundreds of jobs and professionals from a variety of industries eager to talk about their company and offer employment
  • As well as meeting ONLINE with employers, you will be able to find out about the different qualifications you may need, and speak with training & education providers to help you gain these qualifications
  • If you’re looking to set up your own business, you will have the opportunity to engage with a variety of Franchises looking for people just like you

Please check with the organisers of the event to confirm timings.