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Barchester Healthcare Military Recruitment Event

As a member of the Armed Forces you will have been used to working under pressure and performing as part of a team. You are also likely to have great leadership skills and the ability to make tough decisions when it matters.

At Barchester, we recognise the valuable transferable skills, qualifications and credentials you have and how they can be used in the many roles in our 200 Care Homes and 7 independent hospitals across the UK.

We will support you in your career by providing clear career pathways and offering development opportunities to help you reach your personal goals. We will support you into long-term, meaningful employment and continue that support throughout your career. You can go as far as you choose to go in your career at Barchester.

We have a broad range of roles – from roles with no experience required to degree level and above.

At the Recruitment Event, you will have the opportunity to speak with current staff members, explore the range of roles available at Barchester; explain the benefits package and development opportunities, and find out if Barchester is the right career for you.

Please check with the organisers of the event to confirm timings.