SaluteMyJob is pleased to offer professional employment services to support veterans and reservists into employment. These services are part-funded by several Service charities and are thus provided at no cost to former Service men and women.

While many former Service men and women transition successfully into employment, many face significant barriers, such as:

  • A lack of understanding about commercial sectors, companies and roles and how they can add value.
  • The difficulty of translating acquired military knowledge, skills and experience into the language of commercial employers.
  • Significant differences in culture, behaviours and practices.

SaluteMyJob is a Social Enterprise dedicated to bridging the gap between employers and ex-military and reservist jobseekers. Through our provision of veterans’ focused services to employers, our aim is to inform and drive up demand for former Service men and women and help overcome barriers faced by both parties. These services to employers complement those of Career Transition Partnership and Service charities, which are focussed on provision of services to veterans. The company’s social commitment is to improve the competitiveness of ex-military and reservist jobseekers through the provision of professional, targeted and individual support.

We believe we can best add value by providing specialist ‘second line’ support to Charities, Regimental Associations and units and agencies that veterans, reservists and their families know and trust. The goal of this partnership is to provide a comprehensive job-finding service for your members. To this end, we recommend:

  • Communicating (through magazines, website and social media) the availability of our employment support service and jobs. If you wish, we will author articles using individual members of your Association or charity as the case study.
  • Signposting jobseekers to these services, or better still, advertising opportunities, including jobs, to jobseekers through your website and social media groups. An example of the latter can be found on the Grenadier Guards Association website at
  • Capturing opportunities and additional support from employed members of your Association or charity.
  • Sharing our best practice guides for transitioning Service personnel, Service Leavers and reservists, which include CV and interview top tips from our expert career consultants.
  • Keeping you up-to-date with any relevant events we think your members may be interested in from our Employment Events page, such as job fairs or networking events.