SaluteMyJob helps employers translate their support for the Armed Forces into action. We showcase best practice, often from mature programmes in the US, and adapt it to the needs of your business. We provide advice on the implementation of structured, sustainable and measurable programmes that maximise impact for the business - and demonstrate your support both for former service men and women and for serving reservists you employ. 

SaluteMyJob also helps employers manage and develop their people and support HR change programmes. In particular, we enable companies to make the most of commercial diagnostic tools, such as employee engagement surveys and online leadership assessments. Using their combined military and commercial experience, our consultants help employers develop action plans and change or training programmes to improve employee engagement, leadership and communications.

Strategic Planning

Our Strategic Planning Workshops and events:

  • Showcase best practice and consider how best to apply it.

  • Help define what success will look like and how to measure it.

  • Support culture change or align behaviours to organisational culture and values.

  • Develop action plans to improve employee engagement, leadership and communications.

  • Plan Armed Forces or veterans’ programmes, especially to support implementation of Armed Forces Covenant commitments.

  • Encourage and support Reservists.

  • Align programmes with corporate policies and processes.

  • Agree ownership and governance.

  • Secure stakeholder buy-in.

Education and Training

Our Education and Training events:

  • Help hiring managers and HR professionals understand the benefits, risks and barriers to hiring ex-military people. 

  • Align the knowledge skills and experience of ex-military people with the needs of the business.

  • Identify the business areas and roles in which ex-military will add most value.

  • Dispel misperceptions and stereotypes.

  • Promote programmes internally.

  • Align internal business and HR stakeholders.

  • Deliver leadership and resilience training.

Audit Benchmark & Review

Our consultants:

  • Help measure the success of your veterans' and/or reservists' programme.

  • Audit existing Armed Forces or veterans programmes, internal communications and employee engagement

  • Benchmark data. 

  • Review and align existing HR policy and processes. 

  • Capture key data.

  • Monitor performance.

  • Inform and/or support the production of reports and reviews.

SaluteMyJob's mix of ex-military and commercially experienced HR professionals help employers to:


An increasing number of employers are pledging their support to the Armed Forces and seeking to employ former Service men and women. SaluteMyJob's consultancy services help to transform these commitments into structured, sustainable and measurable programmes that impact positively on your business. We also help companies to improve engagement, leadership, communications and to align behaviours to defined organisational values and culture.


Mutual understanding between employer (especially hiring managers and HR professionals) and prospective ex-military employee is key to success. We help you to translate the acquired knowledge, skills and experience of former Service men and women and work out how best to apply them to your business. 


SaluteMyJob helps employers agree what success looks like and measuring it. We work with you to review and adjust existing programmes, set benchmarks and align policies and processes.