SaluteMyJob, in partnership with the Corsham Institute and Adrian Pyne Consulting are pleased to offer ex-military jobseekers a free, one day course to help convert their military skills to the commercial world.

Military people are well used to projects and are frequently agile in approach and behaviour. These are attributes they share with commercial project managers, even though the language and nature of the projects may be different. For example, the work a military commander completes before, during and after a patrol in Afghanistan, or to organise training or an event are good examples of projects in which former Service men and women are well practised.

These project skills, along with the military approach to get things done, problem solving and working under pressure are much in demand in the commercial world. While there are many similarities in culture and approach between the services and civilian organisations, the differences can make effectiveness take longer to achieve.

The aim of this course is to help former Service men and women with interest and some experience in programme or project management to adapt their knowledge apply it to the commercial environment.

This course will:

  1. Provide a picture of and common language for project management
  2. Outline what Agile working looks like
  3. Put both of these into the context of a commercial organisation culture.
  4. Support transitioning or former Service men and women into employment in commercial programme or project leadership roles.

The course is based on the Association of Project Management [APM]’s Body of Knowledge. It will show how to lead an Agile project or development and what an Agile project landscape looks like. The APM’s competencies are built into the course, with particular emphasis on the core competencies, notably: Leadership, and Professionalism and Ethics. 

Delegates will learn how to shape and run an Agile project and what an Agile project landscape looks like in a commercial environment. The opportunity also exists for delegates to participate in activities to improve their competitiveness for project roles, especially around presentation of skills and behaviours, both in their CVs and at interview.