Our Mission

SaluteMyJob is a Social Enterprise dedicated to the provision of veteran focussed consultancy, recruitment and assessment Services to employers, thereby increasing demand for British ex-military people and reservists. SaluteMyJob are helping employers implement veterans' and reservists' programmes whilst helping ex-Service men and women find employment in the commercial sector in the UK. In turn, the aim is to drive down the number of unemployed ex-Service men and women.

"It is time to stop portraying veterans as victims and start seeing them as assets to business and communities"

- Andrew Jackson, Managing Director at SaluteMyJob


As an employer, you will wish to turn your support for the armed forces into action that works for you as a business. In addition, you will be searching for the people who will fit your culture and bring the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to make a difference. SaluteMyJob will help you implement a structured, sustainable programme and access a talented, experienced pool of ex-military people.



Employers need the skills, knowledge and experience of ex-Service men and women. We work with employers to help them identify the most suitable roles for ex-military people. We assess and validate your skills against the needs of employers to ensure you find the right job in the right organisation. We also help with CV improvement, careers advice and interview preparation.

'I have been very happy with the level of service and thank you for your support. I will certainly be using SaluteMyJob again'

- Mick Pinder, Managing Director, Chesterfield Special Cylinders